26 giugno 2013

Update 4.2 Nemesis Total Revolution 2013

Promotions and demotions  for:
-Serie A
-Serie Bwin
-Liga BBVA
-Liga Adeelnate
-Premier League
-Npower Championship
-Ligue 1
-2. Bundesliga
-Liga BBVA
-Liga Adelante
-Liga Zon Sagres
-Russian Premier League
-Primera Divsion
-Super Lig
-Add new chants
-Add new bootpack
-Insert kit 2013/14
-Update the transfers
-Real eyes
-New graphic

1: http://adf.ly/R90Gv
2: http://adf.ly/R90Gw
3: http://adf.ly/R90Gx
4: http://adf.ly/R90Gy
5: http://adf.ly/R90Gz
6: http://adf.ly/R90H0
7: http://adf.ly/R90H1
8: http://adf.ly/R90H2
9: http://adf.ly/R90H3
10: http://adf.ly/R90H5
11: http://adf.ly/R90H6

This is an update of the patch, before installing the update you must have installed Nemesis Total Revolution v4.0+UPDATE4.1

1:Scaricate le 11 parti
1:Download all 11 parts
2:Apri Update 4.2Nemesis Total Revolution by Blàck&White.part01 e seleziona il percorso d'istallazione
2:Open Update 4.2Nemesis Total Revolution by Blàck&White.part01 e select the directory
3: Copiate la cartella Nemesiserver e Selector tool(che trovate all'interno della cartella "Update 4.2 Nemesis Total Revolution") all'interno della cartella della patch in modo che si unisca a quella già presente e vi sarà richiesto di sostituire alcuni file,sostituiteli
3: Copy the Nemesiserver folder and Selector tool.exe (that found within "Update 4.2 Nemesis Total Revolution" folder) within the patch folder so that it joins to that already present and you will be asked to replace some files, replace
4:aprite la cartella update(che trovate all'interno della cartella "Update 4.2 Nemesis Total Revolution")aprite l'exe "Update"e cliccate su make the update, poi cancellatelo
4:open the update folder(that found within "Update 4.2 Nemesis Total Revolution" folder)open the exe"Update" and click on "make the update",after delete the exe "Update"
5:Aprite il "Selector tool"
5:Open the "Selector tool"
6:Selezionate Scoreboard(4-3;16-9),League,Entrance Cinematic,Gloves,Refree e cliccate su apply e aspettate il messaggio Aplly
6:Select Scoreboard(4-3;16-9),League,Entrance Cinematic,Gloves,Refree and click on Apply and load the messagge Apply
7:Chiudete il "Selector tool"
7:Close the "Selector tool"
8:Avviate il gioco da "Nemeis2013.exe"
8:Play the game from "Nemeis2013.exe"

Crediti: Jenkey,Juce,Genko06,W!ld@,Razib_46,all facemaker(special thanks to Fampei89,ilhan,GuitarHero) and kitmaker(special thanks to G-style,diavolo86,ILPrincipino8),Enzo))7((,juventino1984ct,Majuh,massimotaibi,drunk,radeqq81,Secun1972,KO,viettoanhp,ArmaSale92,Nemanja,simosami, 1002MB,,zirko,dave74,rooney7997.nazzico,demetrio,skills_rooney,giorgiscan,SsD12,Diablos,jannuzzello,fatihkuyucak

2 commenti:

  1. Can't wait to get this running!

    What's about the problems with update 4.1? Are they resolved with this version, because obviously I have to have Update 4.1 installed...

    Hopefully now everything functions as it should...

    Now the WE can come ;-) And thank you for you great work! Keep it up!!!

  2. I have resolved all problem(the problem was when you estract the archivie), you can download the update 4.2